We are Mirrors Of Madness

Alternative Metal from the darkest depths of southern England

The Band

Mirrors Of Madness are an alt metal band from deepest, darkest Sussex. The band is comprised of four veteran musicians from the local heavy music scene, each with a rich history of involvement in various bands over the years.

  • Lee Karchewski - Words of War
  • Natt Om Buzzick - Sticks and Skins
  • Less Plumridge - 6 Strings
  • Jim Destruct - 5 Strings

Their primary objective was to break free from the limitations of genre labels, and to establish a band with freedom of creativity at its core. This approach sets Mirrors Of Madness apart from its contemporaries, allowing creative influences to feed in from a variety of diverse sources.

With each member bringing different musical tastes to the table, this combination of influences allows them to craft the music they truly want to create, resulting in a sound that defies easy classification. Each composition possesses a distinct and captivating sound, ranging from the infectious energy of pop punk to the thundering intensity of metal, taking the listener on a unique sonic journey.

Their commitment to keeping things fresh and engaging ensures that every Mirrors Of Madness track offers a new experience, distinct from its predecessors. With each member having equal input into the writing process, the band is free to express themselves through music in a truly collaborative way.


Here, you’ll find all the latest updates, tour dates, and everything you need to know about our upcoming shows. We hope to bring the thunder to a venue near you.

We currently do not have any shows to announce at this time. Nevertheless, we are actively working on securing dates for 2024. If you happen to be a promoter and would like to include us in your event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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