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The Quick Introduction

Mirrors Of Madness are rock alchemists, a band you can’t really pigeon hole into one genre and not known for any particular style – instead they craft songs that contain aspects of multiple rock genres with a mix of influences – each song has a very unique sound – from pop punk all the way to metal, the band love to mix it up so that every song is interesting and different from the last. The band formed in early 2018 as ‘Two-Tonne Vice’ from the ashes of some popular Southern UK bands – Atombuzz, Vertigagte and Soulscream.

Who are we?

Lee (Ex Vertigate)- Words of War
Les (Ex Eternal Torment/Battleblood) – 6 Strings
Jim (Ex Soulscream/Wall Of Denial) – 5 strings
Natt ( Ex Atombuzz/Vertigate)- Sticks and skins

In the beginning...

In early 2018, Natt and Alex, from local punk heroes Atombuzz, decided that they wanted to break away and do something different. Atombuzz had reached the end of its long life and the boys were hungry for change. Armed with a few songs they got back into rehearsals but needed a bassist and a singer to complete the lineup. By chance Alex had been in contact with an old friend and former work colleague Jim who offered to come down to a rehearsal and give it a go. Jim had been the former bass player in the hardcore band Wall Of Denial as well as the guitarist in SoulScream previously. Right from the start the band gelled and Jim was offered the position after the first practice. From there on the new songs started to flow with all three contributing with varied styles.

The impossible search for a singer

The hunt was then on for a vocalist. The band put out several ads and spoke to contacts but had no luck (apart from a couple of James Hetfield wannabies). The band were looking for a male or Female vocalist as the style had not been defined. At the end of 2018 they had some interest in the position from a Facebook ad they posted, Shona came down for an audition and the sound came together beautifully. The lineup was complete and the band had well over 10 songs ready to rock. The band became ‘Two-Tonne Vice’

More Guitars

Roll on to late 2019 – Les, a long time friend of Natt’s (and seasoned multi-instrumentalist) moved to the area and expressed an interest in the band. Les auditioned on second guitar and was so good that he was made a member of the team the very next day. Almost overnight the band had become a five piece and the sound was enhanced even further than they could have hoped.

Two departures and a singer...

In early 2020 the band parted ways with Shona and recruited Lee K – a former bandmate of Les & Natt. The sound really took a new shape. Everything was great until the start of COVID-19 and the band had to start isolation like the rest of the world. During the first UK lockdown the band sadly parted ways with Alex which left the band with just one guitarist. Work continued on new tracks and recording of the first single started. The band changed name from Two-Tonne Vice to ‘Mirrors Of Madness’ so that they could have a fresh start with the new lineup changes.


Influences in Mirrors Of Madness are what makes the band so varied – each member has different tastes but also appreciate the others so that reflects in the bands sound. Influences such as: Meat Loaf, Queen, The Who, Killing Joke, Alice Cooper, The Melvins, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, Devin Townsend, Dimmu Borgir, Brian Eno, Janis Joplin, Seether and The Cure. A real mix that just works.