On Friday September 29th 2023, we released the epic Azul trilogy EP. The trilogy has a backstory, and this page will tell you the story of Azul.

TL;DR - The Short Story Of Azul

In the midst of the relentless 70-year war, a gifted blacksmith named Azul became renowned for forging impeccable imperial steel, a craft that turned the tide of countless battles. However, his prowess attracted the jealous attention of the gods, who cursed Azul’s steel bringing everyone who touched it only sorrow.

Despite Azul’s rise to power, the curse festered, plunging him into madness. In desperation, he made a pact with a deamon, trading his sanity and soul for dominion over the empire. The power granted to him shattered his mind, and he ruled a realm of darkness and chaos.

Tormented by ceaseless agony, Azul embarked on a quest for salvation, seeking counsel from sages and mystical artifacts. Yet, his efforts proved fruitless. The deamon exalted in his despair, and as per the pact dragged Azul into the fiery abyss of damnation, where he suffered for eternity. Azul’s tale became a cautionary legend of ambition’s high cost and the perilous consequences of crossing the line between power and madness.

The Full Story Of Azul

Amidst the tumultuous 70-year war, in a land ravaged by strife and chaos, there lived a skilled blacksmith named Azul. His name resonated like a clarion call across the war-torn land as the master of forging the finest imperial steel. His reputation was not just renowned; it was legendary, and it had armies clamoring for his services.

Soldiers marveled at the quality of his killing steel, and his craftsmanship became the stuff of legends. His creations turned the tide of battles, swaying the course of the seemingly endless war. Azul’s hammers and furnaces, fueled by his unparalleled skill and dedication, were the weapons of hope for an empire yearning for victory.

Yet, as the war raged on, Azul’s unmatched prowess in the forge drew the unwanted attention and jealousy beyond the mortal realm—of the gods themselves. Consumed by jealousy over the mortals’ growing power and resilience, the gods hatched a sinister plan to thwart the empire’s relentless conquest. He decided to curse Azul’s steel, rendering it a weapon of sorrow rather than strength.

To carry out his nefarious scheme, the gods sent an avatar in the guise of a bewitching woman, a vision of enchanting beauty. She weaved her way into Azul’s life, capturing his heart in secret. As their love blossomed, she surreptitiously cursed his hammer and furnace, binding them to a terrible fate. She vowed that everything Azul touched with his once-mighty creations would bring nothing but misery and sorrow.

With time, Azul’s fame grew, and he ascended to a position of great power, leading the empire against the endless legions. For 20 long and grueling years, the war raged on, each day weighed down by the curse that festered within Azul’s steel.

In his darkest hour, Azul sought counsel from a deamon who kept the secret to an ancient and terrible magic. They offered him dominion over the empire and peace in exchange for his sanity and soul, a desperate pact forged in the crucible of despair. Azul, driven by an unquenchable thirst for victory, accepted their terms without hesitation.

As the deamon bestowed upon him the power he so desperately craved, Azul’s mind began to unravel. The world twisted and contorted through his fractured perception, all things appearing as misery, despite the joy of their true reality. With power over the empire, Azul’s descent into madness was complete, and he ruled a realm where darkness and chaos held sway, all because of a love, a curse, and a choice made in desperation.

Tormented beyond measure by the ceaseless agony that had gripped his soul, Azul found himself at the precipice of despair. Every waking moment was a relentless onslaught of sorrow, and he yearned for a way to free himself from the shackles of his own misery.

Driven to the brink, Azul embarked on a desperate quest for salvation, determined to break free from the malevolent curse that bound him to suffering. In his search, he ventured to the darkest corners of the world, seeking the counsel of ancient sages, wise hermits, and mystical artifacts. Yet, despite his unwavering determination, the elusive salvation he sought remained just out of reach.

As Azul’s despair deepened, the deamon whom held his soul, seized the opportunity to exact further despair. The malevolent entity, cloaked in darkness and fury, descended upon Azul like a tempest. With a sinister laugh that echoed through the abyss, the deamon ensnared Azul’s very being, dragging him down into the fiery chasms of damnation.

Within the searing inferno of damnation, Azul was condemned to an eternity of torment, an unending cycle of suffering that mirrored the anguish he had endured in life. The deamons malevolent joy was absolute, and Azul was left to grapple with his own wretched fate, a tragic figure forever ensnared in the depths of darkness and despair.

The world above continued to wage its brutal war, unaware of the tragic tale of Azul, the blacksmith whose unmatched skill had been both a beacon of hope and the catalyst of his own doom. His name, once synonymous with greatness, now whispered in hushed tones as a cautionary tale of the perils of power and the high cost of ambition.

Azul: The Bard's Tale

Once in a time of endless war,
Lived Azul, blacksmith, famed and more.
His steel was strong, his skill renowned,
In battles, his creations did astound.

But envy stirred in the god’s heart,
He cursed Azul’s steel, a wicked art.
Disguised as a maiden, so fair and bright,
They wrought a curse, a dreadful blight.

Azul fell in love, his heart did soar,
Unaware of the curse his creations bore.
For years he fought, with cursed might,
Each strike brought sorrow, not the light.

Desperation led him to a deamons’ door,
A pact he made, power to the core.
His mind did shatter, darkness took its place,
He ruled a realm, a shadowy space.

Tormented by misery, his soul did cry,
He sought salvation, reaching for the sky.
Through ancient lands, he searched in vain,
The curse, unbroken, caused endless pain.

The deamon, relentless, took his chance,
Dragged Azul to a fiery dance.
Damnation’s abyss, his eternal plight,
A tragic end to his cursed fight.

So remember, children, the tale we share,
Of Azul’s curse, a burden so unfair.
Beware the envy that darkness brings,
And cherish the joy that true love sings.

What tracks are on the EP?

The Azul EP contains 1 track that is made up of 7 distinct sections, these are:

1) War (ambient)
2) Azul’s Throne
3) Madness (ambient)
4) Azul’s Eyes
5) The Descent (ambient)
6) Azul Sleeps
7) Damnation (ambient)

I really like Azul, where can I buy it?

You can buy Azul’as a digital or physical CD release at our bandcamp page:

Azul Cover Image


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