Mirrors Of Madness were rock alchemists, a band you couldn’t really pigeon hole into one genre and were not known for any particular style – instead they created songs that contained aspects of multiple rock genres with a mix of influences…

Until now…..

Mirrors Ov Madness are the south coast’s #1 black metal and extreme necro-metal specialists. Ditching their entire back catalogue, they are  now focussed on bringing to life their new album “Aprilscherze Mutterficker” which features hit tracks as “Hail Putin”, “Rise Dark Moon”, “Necrapolis” and “My Funeral’s Funeral”. The move also opens up more opportunities, with the chances of being asked to play in Brighton increased by 99%.


Mirrors Ov Madness are:

Pupa Nurgle – Lucid Screams
Bloodeagle McGinty – Necrotic Strings
Corpse Eviscerator – Demonic Beats
Lord Destructor – Phantom Rumble

Live Shows

Debauchery at The Dickens

Saturday 02 March 2022, Doors @ 7:30pm

Presented by Lars Promotions. Support from Shallow Honey and Voodoo Rays.
The Charles Dickens, Heene Road, Worthing. Tickets £4.00


Friday 15 April 2022, Doors @ 7:30pm

Mirrors of Madness will be supporting Sainted for their debut single launch at The Brunswick Cellar Bar in Hove (actually) on Friday 15th April. Tickets are now live!

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